Kurt Graham and Ernesto Presas

Kurt Graham and Grandmaster Presas

Kurt is the Chief Instructor in New Zealand, for Arnis. A number of photo's of Kurt training in Arnis can be viewed in the gallery, showing his long association with Grand Master Precsas.




Renshi Kurt Graham Karate Instructor, Koryu Uchinadi Instructor

Kurt also traveled to the Philippines where he trained with Ernesto Presas (b May 20, 1945) the founder of Filipino martial arts system Kombatan.

Ernesto Presas holds the rank of Lakan Sampu (10th Dan) in Arnis, Kali, Eskrima, Lakan Sampu (10th Dan) in Mano-Mano (hand to hand combat).

Grandmaster Presas founded the Modern Arnis Association of the Philippines International and ARJUKEN (Arnis-Jujutsu-Kendo) Karate Association International to formally propagate the native art within the Philippines along with the International Philippine Martial Arts Federation.

Ernesto Presas has published a number of books, The Art of Arnis, published in 1981 and Arnis: Presas Style and Balisong, in 1985 demonstrate the basic techniques of single and double cane, espada y daga and the balisong knife. There is a latter book that has photo's of Kurt in it also, which I will track down as my copy was loaned and never returned.

Grandmaster Presas has researched and practised the Filipino martial arts for over 40 years and developed a systematic approach to the application of Arnis style into a complete hand-to-hand combat style called Mano-Mano.

In the June 1991 issue of Inside Kung-Fu, he was featured in the cover article “Ernesto Presas: The Father of Mano-Mano.”

Visit the Ernesto Presas offial website.